Good governance, democracy, public administration

Sustainable development depends on the choices a society makes and the participative (inclusive) processes that establish these choices. Therefore broad acceptance of the process of decision-making and the process of implementation (or non-implementation) of decisions – which are known as governance – is necessary. This applies to all public institutions; both international, national, and local governments, and also corporations.

Promoting good governance among the various institutions that govern a community or geographical area is essential to ensure the sustainability of all aspects of development. Criteria of good governance include accountability; transparency; responsiveness; equitability and inclusiveness; effectiveness and efficiency; abidance to the rule of law; a participatory nature; and orientation to consensus. Among the essential elements to ensure governance lives up to those criteria are free, fair and frequent elections; clear and low-threshold legal procedures; and well-resourced, active anti-corruption mechanisms.

Edburgh consultants works extensively on capacity building and technical assistance to public administration institutions on national and local levels. Assisting local administrations in improving their levels of participatory decision-making, responsiveness and accountability is a key activity.

Highlighted projects

Formulacion de un programa de apoyo a la estrategica de seguridad centroamericana – eje prevencion social violencia desde los gobiernos locales
Nicaragua | EU | 2012

Central America – European Commission
The mission aimed to formulate a strategy and specific initiatives to reduce the risks factors that generate violence at municipal and community level. The Edburgh consultants team formulated the objectives of the project, set up implementation phases and the structure of the project, and described project outputs and long-term outcomes. Our team analysed the general context of the region and potential countries in which the project could be carried out, as well as best practices in the region.

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