Environment, climate, biodiversity, natural resources, water, and energy

People’s physical and mental health is related to the quality of the environment they live in. Economic growth has often damaged that environment, so environmental protection of water, soil, the atmosphere, and ecosystems is an urgent necessity in rapidly growing economies. It is clear why ensuring environmental sustainability is one of the Millennium Development Goals: achieving sustainable urban and rural development and livelihoods for current and future generations depend on the responsible management of natural resources.

Edburgh consultants provides a range of services to governments and other clients in support of their efforts to fight pollution and deforestation; to adapt to and mitigate climate change; to prevent loss of biodiversity; to sustainably exploit natural resources and water; and to promote renewable energy.

We focus on:

finding the right balance between production and exploitation of resources and protection of the environment and sustainability of the use of resources;

the human factor in these matters: social, cultural and heritage values considered in economic development and environmental protection;

justice between those causing pollution and the communities affected.

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